Future SPS Events

Thursday, May 7th: Bowling with the faculty! This will take place at 5:30 pm at Oak Tree Lanes. The cost of bowling is covered, but if you want, you can bring money for food.
Oak Tree Lanes
990 N Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Wednesday, May 20th: Science Cafe at 6:00 pm. More information will be announced soon.

Tuesday, June 2nd: Physics Department Barbecue. It will be at 11:30 am on the lawn in front of building 8. It is not necessary for the students to bring food.

Physics Club Announcements

We have some new events to announce! Come to our club meeting & pizza with the faculty candidate Thursday Feb 5th @ 12:00 in room 3-2011.  We will be revealing our annual camping trip location at this meeting!

Other Events this Quarter;

1)  Bowling with the Faculty Feb 20th.  Friday 5:30pm at Oak Tree Lanes.

2)  Broomball with KME.  Feb 27th Friday Midnight at Ontario Ice Center Bring $10

3)  Physics Outreach w/ Dr. Sadaghiani.  Feb 25th  Wednesday, Elementary School near Mt. Sac.  More info at Club  meeting

Hope to see you there!  T-Shirts are coming soon!($15)

Upcoming SPS Events!

Hello Everyone!

We are having a club meeting this Thursday February 21st in room 209, which we will be discussing exciting events coming up.

One of the events coming up is Broom Ball, with KME and CSS. Broom ball is a sport where everybody goes to an ice rink and plays hockey with broomsticks and a ball (no ice skates).
The night of broom ball is Friday night, technically Saturday morning at 12:00 am. Broom ball will be 10 dollars per person, you can carpool with the club at 12:00 am or show up at the rink with your money.
We will also be having Science cafe on March 8th at 7:00 pm at Applebees on Grand. Science Cafe is an event where a guest speaker and students discuss science over food and drink. Our speaker will be Dr. Mallinckrodt and he will be discussing black holes.
The first weekend of Spring break the physics club will be going to Joshua Tree for our annual camping trip. The deadline to sign up for the trip is March 1st either in the club room or on Facebook.
Movie Nights will be on Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
Before the meeting the Physics department will be having a research open house where you will be able to see what all the professors are working on in their labs.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.
Thank You
Secretary Marc Pearson

Tuesday, October 2, the Physics faculty is welcoming you back for fall by hosting a potluck (professors provide the food!) from 11:30am to 1:00pm in 4-1-314.  Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, October 4, SPS is holding their first general meeting at 12:00 pm in Room 8-209b.  Movie Night will also be hosted on Thursday, but is expected to start around 7:00 pm in Room 3-2011.

2012 Commencement Ceremony

Students, remember that this Sunday, June 10th @ 4PM, the college of science will be having their commencement ceremony. Come watch your peers and friends receive their diplomas for their years of hard work and cheer them on as they walk across the stage toward their brighter futures. Many of us will be attending so be sure to come early and grab some front row seats.

End-of-the-Year BBQ

An End-of-the-Year BBQ will be catered by the Society of Hispanic Scientists and Engineers on the lawn outside of Building 8 on Thursday, May 31.  This BBQ will last from 11:30am to 1:00pm, with Vegetarian options available.  Please let your fellow classmates know, this event is free for students!

Enjoy your last week of academics and Good Luck on your Finals!

5/17 Meeting & Spring trip to Griffith Observatory

This Thursday(5/17) the club will be having a meeting at noon in room 8-209. We will be discussing the remaining events for the year and specially the trip to the Griffith Park Observatory. We will need people to volunteer to drive for the trip so if you can drive, be sure one of our eboard officers knows about it. We will be meeting in the physics club room at 5pm and will be taking off at 5:30pm. We will be walking around the observatory for a few hours and watching a show at the planetarium. After the observatory, we will be going out to dinner at a place of popular vote. Be sure to go and see next year’s eboard and new club members!

Super Smash Brothers Tournament

Members, this Wednesday, May 16th the club will instead be hosting a Super Smash Bros.(N64) tournament instead of the usual movie night. It will be a tournament with everyone competing to see who’s best. First place gets the pleasure of knowing they’re the best of the gamers in the physics club. The tournament will be at the usual movie night time 6:30-11pm. Bring your best gaming fingers and good luck!

May 4th Public Lecture!

CPP SPS members,
Thursday, May 3rd Dr. Hui Cao will be arriving at Cal Poly Pomona and will be giving this week’s Physics and Astronomy Department’s weekly seminar on her research of photonic nanostructures of random morphology and how light can be trapped in such structures to make random lasers. The seminar will begin at 4PM and will be in Bldg 4-314.

Friday, May 4th Dr. Hui Cao will be giving a public lecture at the BSC-Andromeda at 6:30PM-7:30PM. The lecture will be on the topic of biomimetics, i.e. optical devices and materials inspired by biology. This includes drawing inspiration from nature’s mastery of color production/trick lighting due to the scattering of light by nanostructures(think of a butterfly’s wings which contain no pigment whatsoever). Using this inspiration, research attempts to finely control lasers in biomimetic structures at very small lengths. Drinks and snacks will be provided before the lecture so be sure to come early and get a good seat.

4/19 Meeting and Trip

Members, tomorrow(4/19) we will be having a very important meeting to discuss new events and happenings in the Cal Poly Pomona SPS club! Tomorrow, there will be NO DEPARTMENT SEMINAR.  The club meeting however, will begin at noon in room 8-209. In the meeting we will be discussing the upcoming officer elections and the potential candidates for next year. The rules to run for position will be reviewed again so that campaigning and elections will be as smooth as possible. Next, we will be reminding students of all of the fundraisers we have available, this includes but is not limited to: Club shirts(old and new), club vinyl stickers and club projects. Finally we will be discussing the many trips that we will be taking this quarter to the desert for star gazing, Fresno for the SPS Zone 18 meeting and our annual Spring trip to the Griffith Observatory.

New plans have been made for our annual star gazing trip. This year, our very own Clint Hawkins has volunteered to have us at his place and allow us to star gaze in the desert. We will be meeting Saturday at 5PM in B-Lot. We and will be staying overnight for a full night of star gazing and some members will be driving back that night. If you intend to stay, be sure to bring pillows and blankets. Bring telescopes, binoculars or lasers, whatever helps with star gazing. Please remember to RSVP on the sign-up sheet on the club fridge or on our Facebook Page.

Finally, we have updated this site extensively to add pictures of our recent trip to Joshua Tree and our broomball match against KME. New eBooks have been added to our Books Page. I have added an eBook easter egg somewhere on this website if you’d like to look for it! The Events page has been updated to show the most up-to-date information on department seminars and club events. Finally, I will be restyling this website very soon to make it much more user friendly, clean and efficient. Stay tuned!