Put Your Disney 3D Glasses on, Folks!!!

This week I’ve been playing around a lot more with Rhino 3D, the 3D design program that I’m using to design the test chamber that will eventually hold ice/quartz samples which we will beam different wavelengths at and blah blah blah, the cool part is that I have actually 3D printed something at the NASA […]

From Fun Days to Mondays

Before this internship began, I thought I would get a little restless on the weekends like I did during my last REU (in the middle of nowhere-Texas with no car or reliable public transportation system). I’ve visited the San Jose area and San Francisco a number of times, but until Saturday, I didn’t realize how […]

Who knew orientations could be awesome?!

“How many of you would move to Mars to never return?” That’s what NASA Ames Research Center Director, Dr. Pete Worden, asked me (and about 200 other interns) at the NASA Orientation today. I, of course, proudly shot my hand up into the air.

It’s Day 2 of my SETI Institute Internship, I haven’t physically […]

Dawn of the First Day, 1680 hours remaining!

So, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and went off into the world of SETI! I completed my tutorial quests, gaining a badge of access to where I live, and one for where I work. I also have a lanyard! Woo!

Gerry is off in a far away land, so once I was […]