Better late than never! My three-week experience thus far

Good late-rotation of Earth!

I go by Lepore, and it’s been a wild few weeks here at Stanford.

I took an airplane ride over on June 29th, and I got my workout for the month by hefting a suitcase above my head to the overhead bins and then having to bring it back down an […]

Blast from the Past!

April Davis, Rachel Hatch and Beth Johnson’s Intern photos at SETI

Wow, Beth, April and Rachel! SETI must super love you guys! You’re internship photos from last year are still up in the photo hallway. Not many of the previous intern photos are left. That’s so cool!

Also, Dr. Tarter showed us your end […]

So It Begins: A Tale of Driving, Cacti and Science


Well actually we arrived Saturday, but in all the excitement of driving, unpacking, and starting our first day, I haven’t had a chance to blog!

So begins the comprehensive first blog.

Part 1: The Trip.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we received a call Friday morning (two days before our planned arrival in […]

Dawn of the First Day, 1680 hours remaining!

So, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and went off into the world of SETI! I completed my tutorial quests, gaining a badge of access to where I live, and one for where I work. I also have a lanyard! Woo!

Gerry is off in a far away land, so once I was […]

Excitement and Worry and Panic, Oh My!

It’s just 11 short days until we all leave for Arizona. And, while I can’t say what the case is for my fellow CAMPARians, I am a nervous ball of energy! There is JUST SO MUCH TO DO!

This weekend will be absolutely filled to the brim with studying as finals finally arrive next week. […]