NASA ARC Basketball Court

Basketball while watching C-17's take off.

Basketball while watching C-17’s take off.

Wind Tunnel

NASA ARC aero complex, the largest wind tunnel in the world .

NASA ARC aero complex, the largest wind tunnel in the world .

Carnegie Intern Cohort (I’m guy on the left)


Ursa Major


Our Sun


Mt. Wilson Observatories!


4th of July Fireworks Near Carnegie!


CIERA-REU Northwestern University

Hello Everyone,


For those who don’t know me my name is José Flores and I am a rising senior at Cal Poly Pomona. I am just finishing of my third week at the REU and I have had an amazing experience. My current project involves analyzing Star Formation Rates (SFRs) of simulated galaxies on the Feedback In Realistic Enviornment Simulation (FIRE). So far my research has been going great, I have produced a couple of plots and work on a supercomputer in Texas. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Here are some pictures of Dearborn which is where my office is and Yerkes Observatory. Sorry some of the pictures are side ways, for some reason this website didn’t let me edit them properly.


José Flores



Exoplanets at UC San Diego

Hey, everybody! How’s it going? I’m a rising senior at Cal Poly Pomona. This summer I am interning at UCSD’s Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS). Been here less than 2 weeks and have already met loads cool people!  The campus is next to the beach, a huge plus for my down time. I do most of my work in this building:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.58.01 AM

I do astrophysics research, particularly in the field of extrasolar planets, with Dr. Quinn Konopacky. My project consists of reducing and analyzing spectroscopic data.  Here I am at my computer station reducing spectral lines in the coding language IDL and taking very good notes for my reduction recipe (thanks Dr. Povich and PHY 499). Looking forward to reading everybody’s amazing experiences. Peace!

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.58.14 AM



5 weeks at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO)

Hello All,

I cannot believe 5 weeks have already gone by! This internship has been the most amazing experience of my life. Our group here is working on confirming exoplanet candidates and  getting more data on known exoplanets. We do this all on site at the top of Mt. Jelm. By taking direct images with up to 5 different filters we are able to detect the transit as well as get information on the atmosphere of the planet. The schedule was a little hard to get used to (9pm -5am) but its so worth it!

Top of Mt. Jelm at WIRO

Top of Mt. Jelm at WIRO

This picture above is looking towards the south on the top of the mountain. You can see the road heading up on the peak below. We drive up every night and it takes about 45 min to get up there (25 min highway and 20 min off road)


WIRO (above)

Yesterday we were all taken white water rafting! it was a blast!! (below)

Rafting on Cache La Pouder River