Quick JPL Tour and More Deer

Today was a pretty cool day. Besides continuing Titan research (I feel like I’m really starting to make progress), Brian, Marrio, and I met with Gregory Villar, a Cal Poly Pomona Physics graduate who now works as an engineer on the MSL (Mar Science Laboratory) Rover project. We met and he gave us some good advice on school and interning at JPL. And he also took us on a little private tour of some mission control rooms, and areas around JPL where people are working on MSL, while giving us a crash course on MSL. It was very cool and pretty exciting to be given access to some of these rooms (he took us to some rooms where tours aren’t typically taken). I just wish I hadn’t forgot my real camera at my workspace; instead I had to use my phone for pics.


                              (From Left to Right) Brian, Mario, and Me



Me, presiding over the control room




Anyway, I also came across some more deer (they’re everywhere!)





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