JPL Day 2

Second day at JPL, and been keeping busy all day. Today was still taken up by a lot more orientation-type things. I had to sit in on an electric hazards class, went to set up getting my JPL badge at the badging office (which should be ready to pick up tomorrow), and I had to attend a meeting with other JPL interns at 3pm to go over “house-keeping” (as they called it) here at JPL. So, after this meeting we met Stephanie Zajac, who is a Cal Poly Pomona Physics grad now going working towards her master’s. She had also attended the meeting and came over to us after hearing that we were from CAMPARE; apparently she had also been part of the CAMPARE program a couple of years ago! (you can find her blog of her CAMPARE experiences here on Astroblog). So it was pretty cool to meet someone else from Cal Poly who had also participated in CAMPARE.

Today I also met someone else. Brian and Mario had met another intern working in the same building as them, and I was introduced. So it turned out that, not only did he know my mentor, but I asked if he had heard of my co-mentor, Rosaly Lopes-Gautiers (who is a very well-known planetary scientist and helps head the Cassini mission; you can look her up). He told me that she was his mother! Small world here at JPL…

As far as my project goes, I wasn’t able to get too much done today with all the meetings and appointments I had to go through. But I should really be getting into it tomorrow. The first stages will be researching the subject through scientific papers and books to learn about ices and dunes that could help us understand how the cold Titan superdunes may have formed.

Anyway, here are some pictures from today:


Here is where I will be doing most of my work. As you may be able to tell it’s kind of in a Chem lab.

And here is a picture of the Mars Science Laboratory rover (aka “Curiosity” or MSL). By the way, it will be landing in August while I’m here! That’ll be exciting

Here’s me with MSL:

Me and Curiosity

And a picture of the JPL campus from the top of a hill:

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1 comment to JPL Day 2

  • Tim

    Pictures! Looks cool, Alec. If you take a ride on the Mars Rover, take a picture and tell me how it was.

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