Arrival and First Day at JPL

So today was our first day at JPL. Brian, Mario, and I arrived to our dorm at WCIU in Pasadena on Saturday, getting situated. On Sunday the internet went down (which prevented me from starting this blog), and we went out to see Prometheus (which was pretty cool).  And finally on Monday was the first day of work. We woke up early to catch a 7:30 am bus to get to JPL by 8 am for orientation. Everything went smoothly there, and we got a free breakfast! By 11 am we were done with all the orientation, security, ethics, etc., talks, and we were ready to be paired with our mentors. My mentor is Dr. Chuck Hays, and he seems to have had his hand in a little bit of everything here at JPL. He seems to be primarily working in the field of electro-chemistry, but he has also taken on this planetary science project that I will be working on.

My mentor introduced me to my project, where I will be looking at data from the Cassini probe on Saturn’s moon Titan. Titan apparently has these massive dune formations, and I’m going to try to learn more about them and figure out how these dunes may have formed. Very excited to get started on it. More to come later!


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  • bbapodaca

    Your mentor seems to be involved in some cool topics. Do you know what kind of information you’ll be looking at with Cassini? I’m not too familiar what type of systems it has to collect information for analysis. Its pretty neat to know another planet has similar features as earth. Do you know if you’ll be studying the dunes on earth as well to help compare the development of the ones on Titan?

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