Fun during week 4 at the SETI Institute and in the Bay Area

This week had a bit more fun packed into it then the previous weeks. I got to first attend a SETI Talks which are a lectures series put on by the SETI Institute. This months talk we had the pleasure of hearing Jill Tarter and Sarah Scoles talk about their new book called Making Contact. The book is a biography of Jill Tarter’s life. Elliot Gillum and Seth Shostak talked about the new way they will be conducting the search for ET’s via lasers. Where they plan to look at the sky 24/7.  My mentor Dr. Gerry Harp and CEO Bill Diamond also joined the panel to answer a few questions. The next day a few of us REU students went to go watch Spider-man: Homecoming. That was a pretty good movie  as a fan of comic books it was great to see Marvel do great work again. On Friday we got a tour of the Supercomputer facility at NASA Ames. And on Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing a music performance by a few rap/hip-hop artists at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. I was really excited to see Logic perform and enjoyed Joey Bada$$ perform. Seeing Logic perform was definitely going to be a highlight of  my stay here.


As for my work week it consisted of looking at tons of graphs and trying to find anything that looked interesting. I need to also write scripts that would let the programs I previously wrote do it’s thing while I was not at the institute so I could have something to do when I got back the next day.  So far its going slowly but progress is being made. I have tons of data sets so that is what I will be continuing to do this week and try to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio and get a better graph for each one. I think that is all for now until next time folks.

– Jose Barrios



SETI Talks. Dr. Tarter (left), CEO Bill Diamond (center), and Dr. Gerry Harp (right) talking about alien signals.

SETI talk. MC Dr. Seth Shostak to the far left, Dr. Jill Tarter center, author Sarah Scoles right. Sorry for lighting :/

Supercomputer stuff

Supercomputer stuff again

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium entrance.

People heading to the stage

People heading to the stage

Awful quality photo of a Nikola Tesla statue in Palo Alto

Awful quality photo of a Nikola Tesla statue in Palo Alto

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