Completion of my 3rd week

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyones summer is going well and your research is progressing along. My name is Dilan and I am from the Bay Area. This summer I am working at UC Irvine under professor Aaron Barth and a graduate student Benjamin Boizelle, who has been a tremendous help in getting me started with my research. This summer I am working with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA), which is a radio telescope located in Chile that is designed to image molecular gas kinematics of near by galaxies. The ability to image molecular gas kinematics of near by galaxies is important because  it enables us to probe the mass of black holes. The focus of my project is to create a census of molecular gas in nearby galaxies using the data from the ALMA telescope. Here is an example of a galaxy profile that I worked on:


The name of this galaxy is NGC1332,  is a disk shaped galaxy (very close to elliptical) that is about 80 million light years away from earth. In order to generate this image I have to download data from the ALMA archive and use a IDL program that Benjamin Boizelle wrote to analyze different galaxies. I have done many galaxies and some are great to look at while other are not. The ALAM telescope is a radio telescope that useful in determining the molecular gas in galaxies. Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the best molecular gas to detect because it has bright emissions  which can be detected by ALMA in order to generate the images above. If you look at the second graph in the middle section, it is called the position velocity diagram, this is an important graph to help measure mass of a black hole. For this particular galaxy the black hole mass was measured to be  about 660 million solar masses, with a measurement uncertainty of about 10% by my professor Aaron Barth.

Aside from doing research, UC Irvine has these workshops which are informative, insightful, and thought provoking all geared towards preparing undergrads for graduate studies.




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