First 3 weeks at MIT!!!

Greetings Everyone!!!

My name is Sierra Garza and I am from southern California. This summer I am at MIT, as part of the Hydrogen Epoch of Re-ionization Array (HERA) project. My few weeks here have been great. Mostly I have been reading a lot of academic papers, to get a better understanding of the S11 signal and the techniques we are using. Aside from reading, I have been in the lab, taking measurements, to analyze and calibrate the effects of the balun that will go on the feed for the antennas.

If all goes as planned, we should be taking a road trip down to the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia next week to test out the low-band feed prototype!Working_with_Balun_in_LabRevere_Statue_with_Old_North_ChurchPaul_Revere_GraveFranklin_GraveSamuel_Adam_GraveJohn_Hancock_Grave

On the weekends, I have been trying to check out the area around here, because I have never been to the east coast. I have been to a Boston Red Socks game. It was very fun rooting for my home team, the LA Angels, in a sea of Boston fans. LA won!

I have also walked the Freedom Trail throughout Boston. It took me past more than a dozen historical sites, including: the old and new city halls, the burial grounds where Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin’s parents, and people who came over on the Mayflower and who were victims of the Boston massacre lay to rest. I also saw Paul Revere’s house where he lived and went into the Old North Church, where the two lanterns were hung that night of 1775. At the other end of the freedom trail is the Bunker Hill monument and the USS Constitution (ship).

It’s been great exploring an area that is so rich in history and working on the HERA project!

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  • Jose Barrios

    Whoa, that’s super neat! I bet the fireworks for the 4th of July must have been insane over there. All that super rich history enjoy your stay over there and do some awesome science.

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