Days Since ENVI Last Crashed…Welcome Week 4!

Somewhere in between suspending my disbelief that I have a cubicle in NASA Ames and adjusting to working far from home, I have found one thing that threatens to consume me completely- our snazzy but unreliable office software. After a few hours of mapping gullies (I should mention that i’m describing the physical qualities and mineralogy of the gully systems in Mars’ West Palikir Crater), you can imagine that soul-crushing moment when my window just disappears and all I can do is helplessly stare. Yet, I can’t help but laugh it off and persist, I mean when else can I complain about these kind of things? It’s really a privilege to work with my mentor and the research assistants in my office, who are endlessly willing. It’s kind of insane and surreal having extremely brilliant humans teaching you how to draw a line. Also insane: to go from polyline-drawing to having to think of whether the mineralogy of the gully suggests presence of flowing water in the area in the form of brine. Despite my daily technical difficulties, I admit it’s all a rush. In just three weeks, i’ve been taught how to use three different types of software (that basically act as a proxy to old-school geologic mapping and mineral identification) and it’s enough to turn my brain to mush.

This is my happy face.

This is my happy face.

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