First week of full-on research

Last week was really busy with everything that was going on because it was the first week of STARS. It was hectic and a little intimidating figuring out how everything for this program is going to pan out, however I’m glad that I am accustomed (somewhat) to this new schedule. Today I attended a workshop that my lab group threw together on how to reduce data using the SpeX reduction program. The process itself actually takes while to do because there are so many steps to follow, but I’m taking solace in the fact that it’s pretty much the same steps over and over again so once I learn it I’ll have no problems being able to reduce multiple nights of data quickly. So I hope that by my next post I’ll be completely comfortable with the process. In the meantime I’ve also had to read a lot of papers on spectroscopy and L and T dwarfs which is what my individual project is going to be on. Until next time!

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