First Day of STARS

So today was the first day of the STARS program. My P.I . Adam Burgasser signed me up to participate in the STARS program at UCSD to go along with the research that I will be doing with him. So since it was the first day they had orientation for all of us (over 100 of us)  in the program to know more about what we’re going to be doing, what’s expected of us, and all the activities that will be going on throughout the summer. Today was a big ice breaker day that consisted of a lot of team building exercises to help us get to know each better as well as build relationships. My favorite part about today was when we went to UCSD’s challenge rope course, where they put you in teams and you have to help each other walk across the ropes while being three stories in the air! It was frightening at first, but it ended up being a lot of fun; I met a lot of really cool people because of it. Also being able to zipline from that high down wasn’t so bad either. Until next time!

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