Day 67 Update

Day 67;

I have finally ¬†gained the trust of the circle of scientists at the SETI institution, yet they do not yet suspect that I’m the extraterrestrial intelligence they seek.

I have to make this quick as my home in the Orion system is calling me (or perhaps its somewhere in Southern California, I’m not sure yet).

Over the past 10 weeks I’ve been trained to act, think, and eat like a human scientist and I have come to accept their gentle way of life. Their methods for searching for the next big thing are still in development, and I have been sent here to help them in that quest. I have done all I can to help them understand our diverse universes by searching through their radio telescope data and imaging a gas cloud falling into a black hole at the center of our galaxy.

As they are not technologically superior as the researchers from my home planet, I had to improve the images of the gas cloud one step at a time. I ran through various months of data, and the radio images produce would help observe the gas cloud on a daily basis. Within the year or so, the gas cloud will be shred apart by the black hole, and this will help the SETI astronomers better understand how matter behaves as it comes closer to a black hole. Coming from a more advanced society, I of course know many of the answers these scientists seek, however I’m not allowed to talk about these confidential matters just now.

I want to thank Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire for giving me this opportunity to travel to Earth it was a chance to see how a developing society conducts its research. I also want to thank CAMPARE for giving me an entrance into the wonderful environment that is SETI. Having been working as a moisture farmer in my home planet of Tatooine, I never imagined myself one day working at an office were there are endless opportunities to succeed in. The humans, and especially the REU students gave me a great impression of this planet. This internship has also helped me with my desire to continue with grad school here on Earth. Afterwards I will apply all my knowledge to help the people of this planetary system. And then maybe one day, I will join our great and mighty Galactic Empire and serve the leaders who helped me travel to this strange planet.

Below: An artist representation of the gas cloud being stretched apart by a black hole at the center of our Milky Way

Gas Cloud on Black Hole

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