Adventures of a Reluctant Blogger

We have a lot to cover in this, my first, entry to the Astroblog.  Chalk it up to an almost pathological aversion to social media, but I have for some time dreaded  sitting down to  chronicle my astronomical adventures this summer, yet chronicle I  shall.  I arrived in Tucson, Arizona filled with equal parts excitement and trepidation.  I knew that I would be working with Professor Daniel Apai using the transit method to detect extrasolar planets.  I had researched the topic and even read  a few papers suggested by Dr. Apai,  however reading and comprehending, I would learn, are two entirely different things.  I was experiencing what several grad students I have spoken to refer to as “impostor syndrome”,  the sneaking suspicion that you are not nearly as smart as you once thought you were and are in completely over your head.  My first week was filled with academic papers that bore only a slight resemblance to english and a crash course in academic bureaucracy as I sought to secure a key to my office.  Luckily, my first week was capped by a observing run up on Mount Graham at the VATT (vatican advanced technology telescope) a.k.a the “pope scope”.  I don’t know if it was the fresh mountain air, or the excitement of operating such an amazing piece of machinery, but I think I decided that weekend that this is what I want to be doing.  Until next time….IMG_2347 copy

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