Up to Kitt Peak!!! [+ PICTUZ]

This week is the Advanced Teen Astronomy Camp and GOODNESS GRACIOUS are these kids smart. Staff had to be up and meet at the motorpool at 8:30 am (ICKEARLY!!!) to be ready to pick up the campers at the airport. Airport pickup was relatively easy. We had a few unaccompanied minors who had to be escorted from the gate by Don, but other than that, it was a successful trip.

This morning is a long morning of discussions and lectures, hence why I’m writing now. Don does most of the lectures and this is probably the best time when I don’t need to be helping (they’re talking about stuff WAY OVER MY HEAD and the activities for the week) or making sure nobody trips and hurts themselves.

Anyways, last night’s Drive to Kitt Peak was pretty nice. I’m the other Staff Member in Nate’s van and the kids are great. It was so funny! Some of them had never seen cacti in their lives before and were taking pictures of every Saguaro Cactus over 5′ tall.


Probably one of the craziest things is the fact that you can see the 4 m telescope WAYYY OUT THERE IN THE DISTANCE. This is probably 15-20 miles away? Yeah. Pretty cool.

Also, I was geeking out in the car a bit…I had my polarizer filter on my camera and was taking pictures out the window, when I saw the following image. What makes it crazy is the fact that even when I turned the polarizer, the lines still remained. Even when I took my polarizer off COMPLETELY THE LINES WERE STILL THERE! I can’t see them with my regular glasses on, but I can see them with my sunglasses on. Anyways…It was a chance for me to geek out and be silly.

OH SNAP WHAT'S THAT?Nate Driving the Van up to Kitt Peak!

The rest of the evening was filled with a BBQ, cooked by Nate and Brandon, and the rest of dinner prepared by Silvana, Emily, Kara (like car-a), and myself. Most of the staff are amazing. I won’t say more than that. I get standoffish vibes from one or two, but I’m going to try to remedy that.

Anyways, we spent from 9-ish until 12 in the 90” telescope, which was totally awesome and I learned a lot.

OOOOOH...PRETTY LIGHTS10 min exposure inside the 90”

Pretty freaking cool.

Today we went up to the 4m telescope, where again, there are TONS of Ladybugs. Nate decided to pick up a handful and it’s incredible how many there really are.


Told you there were a bunch!

I think we’re spending the majority of the week here at the 4m telescope. Should be super fun and exciting! I guess the best way of putting it into perspective is to have a picture of me…next to the 4m dome. I’ll see what I can pull together in the next few days.

Catch ya Later!

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