Curiosity Landing!!!

This weekend was the Mars Curiosity rover landing, so we went to a landing party put together by the Planetary Society at the Pasadena Convention Center with some other interns. Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) hosted the event. So I got meet Bill Nye, and got a picture with him, and I also saw the actor who played Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Next Generation.  Apparently he knows my co-mentor, and he came up to our group to talk to her. I didn’t recognize who he was until after he left. There were lots of other interesting people there too. And we were also broadcast in Times Square a couple times.

And the landing went flawlessly! It was really exciting, and people were going crazy when they confirmed touch-down. I now truly know what they mean when they say “seven minutes of terror,” referring to the seven minutes it takes for the rover to go from the top of the Martian atmosphere to the surface. It was very nerve-racking, but it was a great feeling when it was all over with and we saw the first pictures sent back to us. It was an exciting night.

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