Spitz, Landmarks, and COOKING GALORE [+ PICTUZ]

I met with Anna Spitz on Thursday to discuss what I’d be doing for the rest of the summer, namely, what program have I created for the Discovery Days and Sky Nights stuff. Right now, I’m working on a formula for Don relating the time the sun sets to the elevation that one is at, […]

Planning for Future Outreach & the Goal of Being a Top Chef! [+ PICTUZ]

So as I’ve posted before, I’m pretty much done with Don’s camps…well…until October when I get to come back (I HOPE!!!) for a Girl Scout Training Weekend!!! But for the rest of the summer, I’m periodically working Discovery Days and Sky Nights with the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center and Anna Spitz. Since Anna is out […]

Gourmet Dorm Dessert Night [+ PICTUZ]

Tonight was part two of the cupcake off…we had to finish off the icing so we decided to make another batch of pink champagne cupcakes…this time, they’re pink!


Wayne came over as well and we made homemade Vanilla custard ice cream and watched Mulan…next time, […]

Gourmet Dorm Strikes Again!!! [+ PICTUZ]

Steph and I decided to bake again tonight! SUPER DELISH AND SUCCESSFUL. We had

Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinegar/Brown Rice + Red Chicken Curry

Pink Champagne Cupcakes!!!

Pink Champagne cupcakes (OH SO TASTY) with HOMEMADE CHAMPAGNE ICING.

Here’s the finished product with the champagne


The Gourmet Dorm, and IRAF success!

I love to cook. During the regular school year though, I’ve usually got too much to do for school to spend hours in the kitchen every night mixing up some creation for dinner. Thankfully, my summer evenings have been free enough to allow me to get back to work. Considering how small my little dorm […]