Better late than never! My three-week experience thus far

Good late-rotation of Earth!

I go by Lepore, and it’s been a wild few weeks here at Stanford.

I took an airplane ride over on June 29th, and I got my workout for the month by hefting a suitcase above my head to the overhead bins and then having to bring it back down an […]

Completion of my 3rd week

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyones summer is going well and your research is progressing along. My name is Dilan and I am from the Bay Area. This summer I am working at UC Irvine under professor Aaron Barth and a graduate student Benjamin Boizelle, who has been a tremendous help in getting me started with my […]

equinox of Saturn on 2009 revealed giant propeller on Saturn’s A ring

First 3 weeks at MIT!!!

Greetings Everyone!!!

My name is Sierra Garza and I am from southern California. This summer I am at MIT, as part of the Hydrogen Epoch of Re-ionization Array (HERA) project. My few weeks here have been great. Mostly I have been reading a lot of academic papers, to get a better understanding of the S11 […]

Days Since ENVI Last Crashed…Welcome Week 4!

Somewhere in between suspending my disbelief that I have a cubicle in NASA Ames and adjusting to working far from home, I have found one thing that threatens to consume me completely- our snazzy but unreliable office software. After a few hours of mapping gullies (I should mention that i’m describing the physical qualities and […]

Studying Galaxy Clusters

Today marks the beginning of my third week here at UCSD working with galaxy clusters. My work has been focused on identifying gravitationally lensed galaxies at redshifts between .3 and 1 that have large HII regions. The idea for this project came from the fact that a lot of astronomers are mainly interested with things […]

Bay Bridge Under The Bay Bridge

UC Berkeley HERA Project

Hello everyone!

I am seeing a lot of new faces on this page, so like everyone else who has posted, I will first introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Salazar and CSUSB is my home institution. This upcoming year will be my last as an applied physics major. It is an exciting time for me […]

NASA ARC Basketball Court

Basketball while watching C-17’s take off.

Wind Tunnel

NASA ARC aero complex, the largest wind tunnel in the world .