Exoplanets at UC San Diego

Hey, everybody! How’s it going? I’m a rising senior at Cal Poly Pomona. This summer I am interning at UCSD’s Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS). Been here less than 2 weeks and have already met loads cool people! The campus is next to the beach, a huge plus for my down time. I […]

Incremental Progress

Back in March I got a phone call from SAO inviting me to accept the REU offer. I was terrified more than excited, because I knew I was going to accept but didn’t know if I would be good enough to survive the experience, almost the way a sky diver knows she will lunge […]

Meet the SAO!

These are the 11 undergrads in the SAO’s astro REU program. I’m in the green shirt reppin CAL POLY POMONA!!! We each are committed to a different project. We individually study anything from interacting galaxies, X-ray data from Chandra, eclipsing binaries, star formation in inner-galactic gas clouds, protostars, AGN feedback, the list goes on. […]

The Aztlán Institute

Photo caption: Outside the CfA’s Phillips Auditorium, from left to right: Remi, Adrianna, me, Prof. Moreno, Jose, Areli.

“We are the members of the Banneker and Aztlán Institutes …” This is how our pledge begins every morning. The Aztlán Institute, pictured above, was started this year by Cal Poly Pomona’s Dr. Jorge Moreno to […]

A Brief Tour of Harvard and the Center for Astrophysics

Hi. My name is Luis E. Nunez, and I am a rising senior at Cal Poly Pomona, where I am pursuing a degree in Physics. I will be applying to grad school this fall to study astrophysics. This summer I am conducting research on exoplanets with Professor John Asher Johnson and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory […]