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Hi Everyone, I am glad you could make it back for this installment.

Much has happened over the past few weeks, as I am nearing the close of my ten week program here at UCLA.


In terms of work I have been making decent progress, actually getting original results, which is promising. I hear […]

import UCLA.SUMMER as FewWeeksIn

Hello again everyone, welcome back.


Where I last left off, I was just dipping my toe in the waters of my research project. Whereas now I would say I am about knee deep in coding and visualizing the data.

To give you a sense of time, I am in the process of getting ready […]

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Hi everyone, glad to see you made it here safe. Let’s get you inside.

My name is Joseph Guzman, but I suppose you can call me Joe for all intents and purposes. I am currently an undergraduate in physics entering my senior year at California State University Long Beach, chasing my lofty goals of one […]