CIERA-REU Northwestern University

Hello Everyone,


For those who don’t know me my name is José Flores and I am a rising senior at Cal Poly Pomona. I am just finishing of my third week at the REU and I have had an amazing experience. My current project involves analyzing Star Formation Rates (SFRs) of simulated galaxies on […]

Love working in the nights.


I have just a little over one week left of my summer research and I have fallen in love with what I’ve done. Here I am reading a paper on one screen and running my code on the other to generate a video. I would of never thought I would be able to simulate […]

The Great Refractor at Harvard’s Center for Astrophysicist (CfA)

Hello Everyone,

Here is a picture of me on the roof top of the CfA and another one of me and Luis Nuñez on Harvard’s Great Refractor. Here is a link to more info on the telescope.

This day we got a tour of the telescope and it was amazing. I really love the […]

Summer Experience!

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying your Summer doing research. My name is Jose Flores a rising junior at Cal Poly Pomona. I am spending my Summer at Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics with a couple of other students. I am currently working with Dr. Moreno (Professor at Cal Poly Pomona & visiting […]