Tetons and Yellowstone

After a the first couple of weeks the Astronomy and Chemistry REU made a joint trip to camp i the Grand Tetons. Some of the other campers made a trip from the campsite to Yellowstone Park where I got some pretty good picture of nature.


Spectra at WIRO

A couple of weeks after arriving in Laramie the Long Slit was put onto the the WIRO telescope so that we would have some time to take some spectra of our Bow Shock candidates. Every night before we used the instrument to take data we had to fill the dewer with liquid nitrogen to remove […]

Arriving at Laramie and WIRO

My first several days at Laramie consisted of getting adjusted to living here and learning how to take data at Wyoming Infrared Observatory WIRO. I met the other REU students and learned a bit about their project on quasars and until the spectrograph was mounted to the telescope I spent time learning how to operate […]