Week 10 at Uwyo

-Our final hike together at the Snowy’s-


-My final morning at Uwyo-

I am very saddened that the experience is now over. It was one of my greatest experience in my life because I had a great time, met wonderful dedicated folks, I now know that being an observational astronomer is what […]

Week 9 at Uwyo

Yeah…my computer crashed pretty hard this week. Its crunch time so getting this mounting error was not necessarily what I was longing for. Thankfully, the most time sensitive of my work was already completed before the crash. The fix is quick as well, thankfully.

All of the projects that we have been working on […]

Week 8 at Uwyo

Week 8 already! I still cant believe how fast the summer is going by. I spent the day at the observatory again and found a cool little gem. WIRO (Wyoming Infrared Observatory) was apparently a triangulation point for the 1948 Geodetic Survey before it was actually WIRO (1977). As for our projects we re […]

Week 7 at Uwyo

The fire progressed even more which sucks for astronomy but makes for beautiful evenings; just as this picture showcases.

This week we have been preparing to taking care of all of the nitty details for each of our projects. Such as how to make instrumental error calibrations from our data that work for an […]

Week 6 at UWyo


Spent the day (Sunday) at the observatory catching up on sleep and seeing the sights. I also went on a short hike down the mountain and saw the Beaver Creek fire progress throughout the day. Interesting and thought provoking day and week. NOTE: The fire did not affect our observing-even though there was […]

Week 5 at UWyo

Very interesting week. We got a tour of the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and got to see a Rockies baseball game. At campus we are ironing out all of the details of each of our projects. Figuring out what needs to be done, different ways of doing so, and progressing through all […]

Week 4 at UWyo

Yellowstone! We took a trip up to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. Needless to say it was absolutely amazing/gorgeous/inspiring. We were filled in with the details of our third (and final) project. We learned new processing techniques


Week 3 at UWyo

We keep getting more and more data as well as more and more mosquitos. The pic above shows the aftermath of three straight weeks of observing and a surge of mosquitos. We were filled in with the details of our second project this week.

Week 2 at Uwyo



Week 2 was even better than the first. We learned how to process the data that we took the week before, what the significance of our science frames truly are, and went for a nice hike at the Vedauwoo boulders (picture above)

Week 1 at UWyo

Week 1 was amazing at the University of Wyoming! The week started with introductions to our advisors, a tour of the beautiful UWyo Campus and our first nights of observing


Dome facing due west