Reducing/Spectral Typing/Presentation

The past two weeks have consisted of reducing the spectra that we got at WIRO. Most of the reduction is done through IRAF. We have learned how much IRAF was not user friendly. Most of the work was primarily making lists of the file names and renaming them to the appropriate star name and taking […]

Download Herschel Data/Whitewater Rafting/ Reducing spectra

As Don and I finish our halfway point of the REU, things have picked up a pace a bit over here at UWYO. We started the week off with downloading more images of our bowshock candidates from the Herschel Archives. I thought this would be done within a day, but the annoying thing about HSA […]

Done with WISE, onto HSA / Weird night at WIRO

This entire week composed of finishing up photometry on WISE data on our Bowshock candidates with WISE data. It was a nice way to introduce us into IRAF and work with some python programming. Since the units of flux that the WISE images are in counts, Chip gave us a python script that will collect […]

Grand Tetons, Denver, Photometry, and Source Extractor

This week was filled with a lot of trips. First off, the entire REU crew at Wyoming took a trip to the Tetons. At the Tetons, I canoed with 2 other fellow REU students and we made it to the end without any casualties. After the canoe, I hiked a short path to Inspiration point […]

amazing weather, bug problems

It was a great first two weeks here up in Laramie. The first two weeks started with nice clear skys and beautiful weather that never exceeded 90 degrees. With nice weather means great observing nights. The first night was filled with a bunch of mosquitos and a lot of regret in wearing shorts. We took […]