Berkeley Radio Astronomy Laboratory last two weeks 9-10

The weekend of week nine I decided to take a little hike up to the Berkeley Botanical garden, which has been the best locale I’ve been to in the town. It has some very nice gardens and a good view from atop a hill.

The next day, the laundry machine were all occupied, so […]

Berkeley Radio Astronomy Laboratory (RAL) weeks 6-8

Finally got paid! With a 7.5% required deduction to retirement fund (They tell me I can get it back after the project after some “paper work”…)

Aaron has added a new part to my project. Data analysis; using Bayesian methods and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) techniques to compare simulation data to a base model […]

Berkeley Radio Astronomy Laboratory (RAL) weeks 2-5

Aaron, my advisor, has given me from my first day a graduate level cosmology textbook, two science papers to read over that will be the basis of my project. Thankfully one of the grad students referred me to an upper division cosmology textbook to understand the graduate level one. I have been pushed to the […]

UC Berkeley 1st week

My first week here I am out over $600 just to get to Berkeley. Then I am unable to get reimbursed for my airfare until after I return to Los Angeles, but my research program here is going quite well, though I really dislike the town of Berkeley. It is quite dirty in the town […]