An All Expenses Paid, Gravitational Wave Vacation Across the Pond

I have been becoming a luckier person by the year since deciding to pursue a career in physics. First it was falling in love with the nature of the subject, then it was meeting current mentors at my CSULB, then getting into Cal-Bridge despite being denied every REU that I applied for that summer. Then […]


It has been an amazing 8 weeks of discovery, adventure, and friendship (would you like some mozzarella with your cheese?); all culminating with a research symposium, quasars, and the macarena… yeah that dance still exists.

About halfway through my research position, I decided that I wanted to do more than run someone else’s code in […]


It has been about a month since I began researching with Dr. Barth, my Cal-Bridge mentor. He is a very cool guy who, expectedly, would happen to research one of the coolest things in the universe–supermassive black holes. Dr. Barth has me analyze very detailed photos of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) with a special software […]