Mars, Phobos and Deimos








It is already half way through the internship! These past weeks have definitely been a great learning and bonding experience. The field trip we had at Lassen was probably the best week I have had in while; we hiked a cinder cone during a hail storm, had […]

Week 2 , 3 recap




We visited the Lick Observatory and saw these 2 telescopes above. It was rather inspiring even though we were not able to see through them since it was cloudy. The ‘brick’ above is one had been 3D printed from Made in Space using imitation lunar regolith :D. I felt like […]

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Day 0: After the 5 hours of driving, we finally got to the NASA lodges at 8am. That gave us enough time to wander around NorCal. We were able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. It was rather cold and there was a bunch of traffic. The view was all worth it though. Civil […]

Testing, testing 1,2,3

Hi guys I am just testing this out … Can’t wait to meet you all!!

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