Finally pics from HAT CREEK/LASSEN!!

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Yesterday I officially started my project taking spectra of ethane!! Got some pretty good data….BUT today is better because I’m running my experiment BY MYSELF!!!! I had some technical difficulties with the equipment getting set up but we worked that out and its been smooth sailing ever since Hopefully over these next few weeks I’ll […]

I’m a Real Scientist

Today I got to pour liquid nitrogen….IT WAS AWSOME!!!!! Also, here’s a pic of the equipment we use in my lab Today we planned on starting the experiments with ethane, but we didnt have the right attachment to get the ethane into one of those yellow bulbs you see in the pic….sooo that’s going to […]


Ok so in my lab we cool things down to 15K…it’s pretty normal around these parts…but that’s pretty dang COLD!! lol I’m just realizing this. :/

Spreadsheets, Enceladus, and 4th of July.

Last week my mentor was gone so instead of doing more experiments and taking new data I got a chance to analyze the data we have collected thus far. Since we are taking the spectra of methanol ice at different temps, I put all the data on an excel spreadsheet. I calculated the thickness of […]

Hat Creek and Lassen

This has been an amazing week!! We got to visit the allen telescope array and collect and analyze data from the telescopes! We went to Lassen National Park and took a hike. Learned a lot of great things about the ecology of the land. It was about 80 degrees that day and we had a […]

Lab and Sexual Harassment Training :)

Lab training was 4 hours long…horrible. Sexual Harassment training on the other hand was great!! The guy was hilarious and basically spent half the time venting about his ex wife who worked at the same job…and how they harassed each other. Umm..last weekend all the seti reu’s went to santa cruz beach!! Had an AMAZING […]

Volleyball pains and Computer Programs :)

Just a random pic of the front sign

Went to the fitness center orientation toaday….kind of a waste of time especially since I can’t make it to their extremely limited hours. Working in the lab now just installed digilab resolutions pro on my laptop I can now analyze IR spectra of methanol ice on […]

First blog entry in life..

SETI!! The past couple of days have been great! We got our official NASA and SETI badges, some janky bikes (flat tires, no brakes…the whole 9), have watched an AMAZING safety video – learned how to properly lift a box, not consume alcohol or drugs in the workplace, and of course how to watch for […]