Week 4 in Tucson

So this week was all over the place. I have been trying out a new Python library, RandomForest, for my mentor. Once I managed to get it down, I was then supposed to test it on random data to see what it predicted and how effective this library was. One big issue that I had […]

Arizona, week 3

So, the plots I made of my mentor’s data ended up not having any noticeable correlations. Now, we are trying to use a machine learning algorithm called RandomForest to see if it can find anything. Right now I am just using dummy data to get it working and to test out the capabilities. It doesn’t […]

Week 2 in Arizona

This week has been pretty hectic, though sadly no pictures. I’m starting to get Python, and have finally gotten the plots I was going for. The other undergrad and the grad students have been extremely helpful when I run into problems I can’t figure out. Right now I am manipulating the main plot to try […]

Week 1 in Tucson


Made it to Tucson and got to meet my mentor, Professor Eduardo Rozo. His work is towards dark energy research which is extremely interesting to me. For my work, I have to learn Python which is a challenge, but I know it will be useful later on. Also, I got to meet Gina, who […]