High Resolution Run

This week I ran our high resolution run of the dark matter only simulation of out galaxy and wrote a couple of scripts to analyze and visualize the galaxy.

Here are some profiles that I created for the two components of the galaxy (DM and stars). The top plot is a cumulative profile […]

Running the Simulation

So last time I posted, I had just compiled GIZMO (the simulation code) and was pretty excited to get the simulation running. It turns out, getting the simulation to run was a beast of its own. Soon after putting up the post, I realized that getting the simulation to run the way I’d like […]

Simulating Dwarfs with GIZMO

This summer I’m working with Dr. James Bullock at UC Irvine ( and his grad student Coral Wheeler (

Here’s an overview of our project:


To put things into perspective, dwarf galaxies have a mass range of ~10^6 – 10^9 Msun. So they’re a couple of orders of […]

Number Crunching

After giving the talk last week, I’ve spent my time developing code to calculate different radii at which different components such as gas, stars, and star forming gas lie. For example, I calculated the radii at which half of the gas, stars, and star formation lie (half-radius). Studying how this changes over the course of […]

More Science and a Presentation

These past couple of weeks have been really great here at the CfA. I did not find the the star forming rings that I had initially been looking for in the FIRE simulations. We attributed that to the fact that the FIRE and Gadget3 simulations have different physical models.

I moved on, instead, to studying […]

Having Fun w/ DATA

One of the most important things that I’ve learned in my past weeks here at the Harvard ITC (Institute for Theory and Computation) is that in order to be a great theorist, one must be as creative as possible with the data at hand. The irony of my situation is that as a student in […]

Week 2 & 3

Last week was definitely very exciting. Bri and I now have accounts on Odyssey, the super computer here at Harvard. We spent some time making the codes we’ve been working on “Odyssey compatible”. This was pretty fun because we were able to improve on our coding skills while learning how Odyssey works. Dr. Moreno gave […]

First Week in Boston



My first week in Boston has been pretty fantastic. We were very warmly welcomed upon our arrival (We were given coffee mugs!). Every one here is very nice and helpful which definitely made settling in significantly less intimidating. We were given a tour of the CfA (Center for Astrophysics) and got […]