This past week and pictures from Chile!

There are a few things keeping me occupied here in Arizona! There is not much to say but I’ve finally finished reducing the spectra from Chile this past week, which was very slow and tedious process, and then comparing them to well defined late K to late M stars (picture below). Besides reducing spectra, I […]

Greetings from… Chile!

All 14 days have I have been here have been great! Since I’m flying back to the U.S. in a few hours, I’ll only type what I have experienced. Pictures coming soon!

After (about) 18 hours of traveling, my mentor and I finally arrived to the European Southern Observatory guest house in Santiago, Chile. After […]

Interesting first week

I guess you could say I had a good week? When I first arrived to Arizona, I was fortunate enough to immediately go observing. The first site, the MMT Observatory, was really interesting because telescope was within a building that rotated with the telescope. Unfortunately, conditions were not great for observing so we all had […]