Week 10: The End

This summer has taught me more than I thought it would. I learned about science, meteors, basic astronomy and Astrobiology. Meteors are one of the most interesting topics I have had the pleasure of studying. We can learn so much about the solar system using them as a probe to test the diversity in comets. […]

Week Seven: MetSoc Meeting

Most of this week I was with my mentor at a meeting all about meteors and meteorites. The first day we learned just how many hills there are at Berkeley when we had to hike a kilometer uphill to get to our building. It was one of the hottest days of the week and I […]

Week Five and Six: Meteor Workshop and Networking

Once I came back from our week long trip I was told about a workshop being held at Stanford University about meteors and I decided to attend with my mentor. The group was about fifty people and at least forty of them gave one or more presentations in the three days. I learned so much […]

Week Four: Hat Creek Radio Observatory and Lassen National Park

What a week this has been. I have learned so much and experienced so much that it is difficult to find a starting point. On Sunday we all piled into the two vans and started our six hour drive to Hat Creek. When we got there we all sorted ourselves to our appropriate houses (unfortunately […]

Week Three: Asteroid Day and Lick Observatory

This week I was able to spend Monday afternoon and evening at Lick Observatory. This has the worlds largest working refracting telescope. All the REU students made the trip up the ridiculous winding road and only half the people felt car sick. While up there we walked to the various telescopes and got to tour […]

Week Two: Reduce, Reuse, Redo

I finally got to start using my data this week. Monday I learned just how much I hate the moon and planes. Each day has at least 500 videos because throughout the night he cameras record anything that moves. That’s where the planes come in; for every meteor there is at least 60 plane frames. […]

Week One: Metoer Mania

Week one is already done and I can’t believe how much I have learned this week. Monday was the first day I started working on my project for the summer with Dr. Peter Jenniskens on identifying meteor spectra. I found out that my program that I will be using this summer is not completely ready […]