Nearing the End of the Summer

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post and the end of my internship is drawing near. These past few weeks I have been busy spectral typing stars from our observations over the summer in Wyoming. The spectral reduction and typing process is tedious which makes it task take quite a while if […]

Spectral Typing

Now to the fun stuff.

We’ve got a good amount of data and most of it has been reduced through our IRAF processing regime. The next step is to run the spectra through an IDL program that allows us to visually compare our spectra to published spectra from stellar models. At this point, spectral typing […]


Who would have known that IRAF is so picky? After a few days dedicated to reducing spectroscopic data in IRAF, I’ve finally started to get a good handle on it. The key? Taking good notes. I cannot stress this enough. My notes have become my sword.

At first, data reduction sounded fun: getting some results […]

Week 3: Observing and Reducing

Here in Wyoming, we are continuing our observations of our ever-growing list of candidate stellar wind bow shock stars. We have a tremendous amount of spectroscopic data at this point and us students are quickly learning the ins and outs of reducing spectral data using IRAF. We have each chosen nights of observing data to […]

Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO)

After being in Laramie for a full week now, I have been up to the University’s observatory a total of four (4) nights! The nights are long and can get repetitive but the view from the top of Mt. Jelm at 3 a.m. are absolutely breathtaking. Just stepping outside for a ten minute break is […]

Welcome to Laramie, WY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A sensitive nose + allergens in the air + 7,000 ft elevation = Bloody noses for Zulu. But, not to worry! I arrived in Laramie, WY on Sunday evening and met the rest of the REU students right away. I have wasted no time in getting started (or continuing with the […]