Late Night Observing at the Radio Telescope [+ PICTUZ]

I probably should be wide awake right now, but I’m so not and I’m really kind of wishing that I could take a nap before the end of the night…(we have observing scheduled here until 8 am…) so I figure I’ll make a quick blog post seeing as I doubt I’ll be able to make […]

Kitt Peak Spectroscopy, Solar Telescope, and Radio Telescope!!! [+ PICTUZ]

While yesterday’s post was only half of the day, the rest of the day was spent hanging out at the 4m telescope, 12m radio telescope, and the solar telescope. Oh, and playing with discharge lamps and using diffraction glasses. Way too much fun.

We were working with beginning spectroscopy and trying take a cardboard box […]

Up to Kitt Peak!!! [+ PICTUZ]

This week is the Advanced Teen Astronomy Camp and GOODNESS GRACIOUS are these kids smart. Staff had to be up and meet at the motorpool at 8:30 am (ICKEARLY!!!) to be ready to pick up the campers at the airport. Airport pickup was relatively easy. We had a few unaccompanied minors who had to be […]

End of first week of camp [+ PICTUZ]

How do I sum up the first week of camp in a word? Easy. it was


Seriously…I only had to pull out the “I mean serious business” voice once (The boys were watching Charlie the Unicorn with the volume up WAY TOO LOUD and didn’t seem to hear us when we asked them to […]

Light and Spectrometry and FUN STUFF [+ PICTUZ]

I do have to say that today was AMAZING at Astro Camp…probably because I know about Spectroscopy and stuff. We’re using familiar equipment (Ocean Optics), as well as handmade spectrometers made from film canisters!

I really want one of these spectrometers to play with!!!

Dr […]

Campers are fun

My campers are awesome! Really. They are. I’m not sure how much I can write about them seeing as they’re minors, and they may be getting the link to this…


^that’s for you BTC Campers!

I swear these campers know more than I do about astronomy! We’ve casually discussed everything from relativity, to star […]

Day in Tucson and the U of A MIRROR LAB!!! [+ PICTUZ]

So, today was kind of amazing. Wake up early (ick). Drive to Tucson (YAY FOR MUSIC AND SINGING DISNEY IN THE CAR). Hike around the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (VERY HOT but TOTALLY AWESOME…especially the cave area!!!). Head to Flandrau Planetarium (Meh…not too shabby). Check out the Gemstone collection in the basement of Flandrau (OOOOH…SHINY). Listen […]

Totally unrelated to Camp [+ PICTUZ]


Is she not super adorable?!?!?! 6.5 months old!!

Thanks Dad for sending me the picture!

First full day of camp! [+ PICTUZ]

Looooooooooooong day. Breakfast began at 8 and we didn’t finish Observing until 2!!!

I got super excited for the fact that I got to explain Refraction to the campers! Playing with lenses, burning pine needles, always super fun! Thanks Dr. Small for making sure that we were solid on Refraction/Reflection! I may be explaining the […]

Moving out, Moving in, and GETTING STARTED!

This whole few days has been a complete blur. From Monday to Wednesday, I was cramming for finals, taking said finals, and moving out of my suite. Wednesday was probably the hardest day for me as I had to say goodbye to everyone before the year was even over because I knew I was leaving […]