Work Hard, Play Hard

I can’t believe there are only 2 more weeks left of the internship. These past few weeks have been spent trying to debug the program that computes the bispectrum and analyzing the images that the program spits out. My mentor and I have spent time staring at images and trying to figure out what they […]

Before & After

We got our bispectrum program to run on existing files, but we can’t determine if the results we are getting are desirable. I went through archived data from a specific day in 2011 and generated several FITS files for different baselines at the ATA. Now keep in mind that these FITS file are basically spectra […]

To You, With All Your Potential

To the Kingsley Elementary students…

This is going to be a more personal post about my experiences and how I got my internship at NASA Ames/ SETI Institute/ Alien Hunters lol. I hope that at least one of the students at Kingsley Elementary School, the lovely school I work at, is able to get some […]

Cinderella and the Cinder Cone

I told myself I wouldn’t post again for a few days, but so much has happened during the past 24 hours that I must share. To start off, we discovered there are mice in our cabin. We found that one of them had made a nest in one of the interns beds, so we caught […]

Telescopes and Aliens

The past few days have been a lot of fun. Not only have I experienced the great outdoors with wonderful intelligent people, I have also learned about the Allen Telescope Array (ATA), interferometry, aliens, and snakes. Last night at about 2am I was feeling pretty sick (probably altitude sickness), so I stepped outside to get […]


It is 6:22PM on Sunday, July 5th. I just arrived to Hat Creek Radio Observatory by Mt. Lassen, California. The-five hour trip wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to be. I think more than a few people were terrified of getting car sick on the way here since we were told the road […]


Woah… we are already going into week #3! This week has really flown by. I got to work with my mentor, Dr. Gerry Harp, on a java program that takes the bispectrum of visibilities provided by the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). Taking the bispectrum combines all the visibilities resulting in the “average” spectra of all […]

Lesson #1: We Are All Made of Stardust

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to listen to an hour-long talk by Jill Tarter. Who is Jill Tarter? Well, Jodie Foster portrayed her work in the movie Contact. Once you get to listen to a presentation by Jill, however, that fact becomes irrelevant. She has made incredible contributions to science and she is truly one […]