Yup, the countdown has begun.

I cannot believe there are less than two weeks left! While I really want to be sentimental and reflective, I have a lot of work to do! There’s no time for “the feels” when there’s science to be done! More specifically, in my case, when there are three presentations to finish, a research poster to […]

The Storm Hit and Started a Fire

Actually, the storm of events that was last week and the fires in Northern California are not related but are both huge impacts on my summer.

The Eiler Fire is mere miles from the Allen Telescope Array in Hat Creek, CA. All the scientists and staff at the ATA have been evacuated and the power […]

Quiet before the storm?

Last week was a little uneventful, which meant it was my most productive research week so far! I finally made a pretty and giant code to get all the information from the database at once. I was sooo happy but, also, felt incredibly lame at the same time. The issue that was holding me up […]

Half Way!!!!

I’ve expressed this sentiment before but it is even more pertinent now: I’m both excited and scared! This time it’s to be half way through my internship! My project is going very well; it continues to be as fun as it is challenging. I’ve even managed to study for the GRE and to prepare my […]

Universal History in 5″

I can fit the history of the universe in the palm of my hand! Human ability to make anything relatable amazes me. I haven’t quite decided if it’s a really neat trick of the human brain or a poor trait that doesn’t allow us to fully grasp the magnitude of concepts. Today we watched NASA’s […]

Sleuthing & Adventuring

I feel like a galactic sleuth! As I prepare for our Journal Club assignment (a 15-20 minute presentation on a published paper assigned by our mentors) my self-assigned homework keeps growing. So far I want to learn more about the giant pulses out of the Crab pulsar, the most powerful supercomputer in existence, Fast Fourier […]

Loading… please wait. :)

This week certainly was an adventure! How often is searching for aliens then walking outside to climb on lava rock a normal thing? Being a native Angelino, I love the city and especially Southern California but the beauty here, in Northern California, is swaying my mind. It’s just so green!

Why be one color […]

Crazy Awesome Busy

It’s so weird to feel like it’s been a long time since this internship started and stress about not having enough time to accomplish my goals simultaneously!

This week has been a lot of fun. I’m most proud that I kept myself very productive through all the social events. I spent the week continuing to […]

From Fun Days to Mondays

Before this internship began, I thought I would get a little restless on the weekends like I did during my last REU (in the middle of nowhere-Texas with no car or reliable public transportation system). I’ve visited the San Jose area and San Francisco a number of times, but until Saturday, I didn’t realize how […]

Inspiration Packed Learning

This whole week has been one exciting moment after another! I don’t think I’ve ever had this much inspiration packed into one week. You’d think it’d be exhausting, but I’m so amped, I could wake up early on a Saturday to go running! (This is my plan… but I make no promises.) Each of the […]