Lick is…

The most fun I’ve had at an Observatory ever!

To put my effusive, millenial self in a bit of context this was the first time I visited an observatory where the telescopes are still doing cutting edge science. Hopefully, it will not be my last.

I took a number of pictures while at Lick and […]

Of coding and presentations

The past few weeks have found me mostly running the radiative transfer model for my research, trying to figure out why its plots don’t match observed data as well as they could, and occasionally breaking it. I also gave a talk about a journal article related to my project as part of the REU’s journal […]

A week of “I can’t believe they’re paying us to do this”

The week at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory and Lassen Volcanic National Park was just that fun. Yes.

But first a picture about another fun thing. We went to San Francisco, saw sights, and freaked out over driving on the hills ;p.

The fun things continued with visiting and learning about the Allen Telescope […]

40 hours of orientation and all I got was this lousy sticker

It feels like my first week at SETI has been mostly spent in orientations, paperwork, and getting settled. It has had its pleasant surprises and exciting moments that have made it worth it, though. Much like I imagine the people who buy certain lousy t-shirts actually enjoyed their vacations.

All day Monday was spent in […]