GPI Gemini Planet Imager (Direct detection of Exo-Planets)

This week was an amazing learning experience… I got to read… read… and read……… long papers, but I am glad I did it. Even when my mentor did not asked me to read all those papers, I learned lots about Adaptive Optics for telescopes and how they can improve resolution, contrast, brightness and other desired […]

Not everything is work!

I want to start saying that SETI Institute is a great place to do research. First, we are surrounded of scientist as Frank Drake, Friedemann Freund, Seth Shostak, Franck Marchis (my own mentor) and Jill Tarter among many others that my list will be huge if I include every popular scientist here at SETI. Second […]

Testing app


Hi guys I am testing the app. I think it will be easy and more convenient to post with our cellphones. See you!