What?! I’m not crying… that’s just Fresno’s smog in my eye…

Holy (David Vega’s) guacamole batman!

I cannot believe I am sitting in my ultra-comfortable memory foam mattress right now, connected to fast WiFi, sweating in the Fresno heat! Being home after 10 overwhelmingly wonderful weeks of SETI is surreal. I feel like I should be returning to the SETI Institute on Monday, where I’ll see […]

Put Your Disney 3D Glasses on, Folks!!!

This week I’ve been playing around a lot more with Rhino 3D, the 3D design program that I’m using to design the test chamber that will eventually hold ice/quartz samples which we will beam different wavelengths at and blah blah blah, the cool part is that I have actually 3D printed something at the NASA […]

Thought Baby

[the title is a newly coined phrase… intstead of “food baby,” when you’ve had so much food you feel like you are housing a small child in your stomach and it’s going to explode, it’s “thought baby,” when you’ve had so much to think about your brain feels like it’s going to explode… so this […]

Abundant v. Rare

Hello! This is my first post here! I’ve officially been at SETI for three days now. I guess I’ll introduce myself a little: I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. In the fall I will be a sophomore physics major at CSU Fresno. I am 18 years old and haven’t left my house for […]