Updates and a couple thoughts (Pre-Hat Creek)

So far, the project I have been working on with Ginny has involved heavy amounts of Machine Learning research. I had a slight idea of it coming in to this project. I remember my Stats and Probability professor would always tell me that the machine learning and data mining will become almost ubiquitous in the […]

The story so far



Seeing this outside of Ginny’s office at the Astrobio building at Ames Research Center was a surreal moment– I had to take a moment or two to process it.

First Week

Just a couple thoughts in stream of consciousness:

I’ve been riding a bicycle this past week like Lance Armstrong-minus the steroids.

Many people around here seem to ride often as well or do some sort of activity. I don’t know if its Silicon Valley yet or Fit Valley…

Anyways, I’d like to share a couple […]