More pictures of Astronomy Camp

Astronomy Camp is over, here are some pictures I took.


Astronomy Camp


Pictures of ASTROcamp at Kitt Peak National Observatory

In no particular order, I’ve uploaded some pictures I took of the first Camp. Right now the second camp is in session.


4-M (158″) Telescope

Don took all the campers to see the 158″ telescope, and they were amazed by the size of it. We learned that there is a telescope operator who controls the telescope while the astronomer could see the images from anywhere in the world.


My team of campers built a nice device that will help them understand the three laws of Newton. Using a small block of wood, a slightly larger block of wood, rubber bands, nails, and string, they will launch the smaller block off the larger block by lighting the string that holds the rubber bands and […]

Kitt Peack National Observatory

Yesterday night, the campers saw Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and other bodies of the sky. They are very smart, and know a lot about astronomy. I was impressed with their knowledge.

8 days until astronomy camp

Finals are over at CSULB, and grades are in! My term GPA is a 3.0

My plane leaves Sunday morning. This will be my first REU as a Physics Undergrad.

– Wendy Rivera Chavez