Data Reduction Progress: I HAVE A SPECTRUM!!

Hey everyone!

Ever since getting back from observing on Kitt Peak last month, I’ve been busily working with the data reduction software. Not only have I been learning UNIX, I’ve also been working with IRAF (Image Reduction Analysis Facility) and have been learning to use certain IRAF routines that were rewritten specifically to reduce the […]

Astronomers Don’t Like Clouds

Hello from Kitt Peak! Tonight is my third of five night observing on our observing run this week. The first night was rather exciting (in a bad way), as we has some troubles getting the instrument up and running properly. After the various crises were averted, we were able to take some data, but not […]

The Gourmet Dorm, and IRAF success!

I love to cook. During the regular school year though, I’ve usually got too much to do for school to spend hours in the kitchen every night mixing up some creation for dinner. Thankfully, my summer evenings have been free enough to allow me to get back to work. Considering how small my little dorm […]

First Weekend in Tucson

Hey everyone! I’m writing this at the end of my first very good weekend in Tucson. This weekend was filled with really good food, great movies, lots fun adventures with Courtney and other grad students.

One of the highlights: going to a neighborhood Tucson pizza joint, 1702, that is steeped in history. Many a U […]

Sneak Preview of Kitt Peak

At the end of May, I drove out to Tucson to do a couple nights of observing on the 90 inch Stewart Telescope at Kitt Peak. It was my first time working on a telescope, so I was pretty excited about getting to go. Here are some pictures from my adventure.

something you […]

It’s Almost Summer

Exactly one week from now, I’ll be writing from my dorm room at the University of Arizona. With finals coming up, I wish I could press fast-forward on everything and just be done! I can barely wait for things to officially start