My code doesn’t work… why? My code works… why?

As my title suggests most of this week was spent working on thermal modeling. Toward the beginning of the week I made changes to it that decreased the final temperature of the system. It’s still showing that it will take 23 days to completely cool but that’s fine for now. I finished my block on […]

Weeks 5 & 6

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but hopefully I can catch everyone up with this post.

So week 5 was mostly about preparing for the mid-program presentations on Friday. Since my mentor was on vacation the week before I had already come up with an outline for the presentation in his absence. […]

Week 4: Keeping Busy

This week I learned an important lesson about keeping myself busy while my mentor is away. I had planned on doing some tests with the grating turret and analyzing the data but it unfortunately got postponed until Friday. Since I figured testing would have taken a big chunk of my time for the week I […]

Week 3: UCLA Is Awesome!

Although this is just my first post for the summer I have plenty to report on.

First of all this campus is amazing! It’s so beautiful up here and the weather sits at a nice 75 degrees all week. Also the Physics and Astronomy Department is awesome, everyone is very nice and really friendly. […]

Making the Most of It

These last few weeks have been kind of interesting. Research has been difficult because the internet is no longer has very useful help. On the bright side now I’m browsing more papers and journals to get information so I’m getting a taste of what the read world of astronomy is like. I especially enjoy reading […]

Almost Half Way There

Since my last post I’ve been able to get through some of the data reduction process. It’s been a little difficult and there has been a lot of trial and error, and error, and error but I have made progress! The steps I’ve gone through with the raw data are as follows;

Separated the data […]

First Week in Arizona

This is a lovely view from the balcony of the Altamira Apartment the Tucson girls are staying in and I have to say the sunsets are pretty nice here. While in Arizona I will be working with Dr. Nathan Smith at the Steward Observatory on data reduction from supernova 2009ip taken from IMACS with the […]