Ah, Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.

As I sit here in my office desk on the last day, I can’t help but think that by this time tomorrow, I will once again have my mom’s amazing cooking yet again!

But now, thinking back, it really will be hard to not miss these amazing people that I was stuck with for 10 […]

No Knee Extentions Here!

I just got back from a teleconference with the Astronaut Candidate Selection team from Johnson Space center, and phew, am I done sweating it!

Well, let me start from the beginning *enter Wayne’s World Dream Sequence Soundbite*

As a young child, I too ran through my limited mental Rolodex of future dream jobs. Fire Fighter? […]

That Awkward Moment When Your Pants Are In The Sky: Addendum

Gerry complimented my hair. This might be the start of a new friendship…

That Awkward Moment When Your Pants Are In The Sky: My Week With Jill

Oh, before I begin, let me preface this post with, yes, we’re on a first name basis. You know, Jill. As in Jill Tarter, and I. Newly found best friends. Something along the realm of the universe.

Anyway, last week we took the most amazing trip in the world. Destination: Hat Creek Observatory. After our […]

Week 1, Day 2: Technical Problems

Since I am currently encountering technical problems with my station at my mentor’s office and there is absolutely no internet at the lodge, I figured, I’d start this astroblog ball rolling. Also, sorry in advanced for all the acronyms. NASA seems to be infamous for that.

So first off, this summer I will be working […]