Day 67 Update

Day 67;

I have finally gained the trust of the circle of scientists at the SETI institution, yet they do not yet suspect that I’m the extraterrestrial intelligence they seek.

I have to make this quick as my home in the Orion system is calling me (or perhaps its somewhere in Southern California, I’m not […]

Galactic Center

I’ve been working on data from the galactic center for weeks now, and there always seems be room for improvement. Currently astronomers are observing a gas cloud that is being pulled into a black hole at the center of our galaxy. And I’ve also been looking at that data, which the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) […]

Looking at Far-Out stuff

After analyzing the data from the Allen Telescope Array (ATA), I have made some pretty pictures of blazars and the galactic center. We are using the telescopes around the 6 to 8 GHz frequencies and looking at the brightest things known to us, and the light of some these things have been traveling the void […]

Hat Creek Observatory

So this week I have been on the Hat Creek Radio Observatory site, and I finally got to see first hand the devices that I have been working on – the Allen Telescope Array. I actually got to control a Telescope using my own computer to look at blazars through the infrared spectrum. We found […]

2 weeks into the SETI program

So these past two weeks have been a lot of introduction and getting to know what I am supposed to be working on. Besides going to San Francisco for the first time I learned about Java programming on Linux. And I have met my mentor, Gerry Harp, who has been showing me how the Allen […]