Crunch Time!

We are in our last two weeks here at SETI and like my title says……it’s crunch time. Everyone here has been trying to finish up their projects, prepare for our final presentations, write two different papers, attempt to create an awesome SETI T-shirt, and of course, trying to enjoy these last days. Needless to say […]

Is this Summer Camp or Work?

This past week I worked on creating mosaics of Enceladus and learned more about spectroscopy. Learning ISIS3 has actually been really fun! (I know, I’m such a nerd.) I’ve really enjoyed trying different commands and fiddling with the different projections to create different looking mosaics. On monday, I’ll get to compare it to another finished […]

Best. Week. Ever. (Days 4-6)

Day 4

Today was our geology day so naturally I was really excited to go check out Cinder Cone. We woke up bright and early at 7:15am and headed over for some breakfast. The morning was going well until I realized I didn’t know where my phone was. “Call it!” was my first thought, but […]

Best. Week. Ever. (Days 1-3)

Lassen Volcanic National Park/Hat Creek Observatory Trip – CAMPARE – NASA Ames – SETI Institute

Day 1

We got up at an early 7:30am to leave at 8:30, but sadly, one of our drivers was an hour and a half late. No worries here; I got to sleep an extra hour after a not so […]

Need money for trip to Mars… Will identify minerals for funds…

So after a week and a half working here at SETI (and sometimes at NASA Ames) I’ve concluded that this is the best job/internship ever. I am learning more and more from the scientists here and from my fellow interns than I thought I could. I must say that this is the true Cal Poly […]

First Day at SETI!!!

Well good afternoon everyone. In case any of you were wondering, I’ve finally arrived at the NASA Ames Lodge in Mountain View, CA after a long 9 hour mission from Cal Poly Pomona. Quick shout out to my family for making the trip with me! As stressful as my day was yesterday, today couldn’t have […]