Getting to the Fun Stuff

So now that I have finished calibration, I have been tracking the radiance of Saturn from 1996 to current day. Radiance is essentially the brightness of the planet. This task is a little harder than I expected. Came to find out that some of my calibrations were inconclusive, thus I cannot get any valuable data […]

Mysteries and Curiosities Tour and Update on Work

There are so many things to do and places to see here. The last 2 weeks I have been working very hard to finish calibrating 5.1 micron images of Saturn so I can start doing some fun stuff like tracking radiance over time in certain locations or following a large storm that started in the […]

End of Week 4-Ridiculously Huge Program Finished

I actually feel like I have accomplished something! Finally finished my archiving program for mid-infrared images of Saturn taken with COMICS. This program has been through at least 3 other interns and I fixed it and it works right. YAY! So to give some detail into what the program actually does, it takes information taken […]

Week 2 excitement

This week has been very exciting here at Jet Propulsion Laboratory! I finally have a grasp on my project and a vague goal on what I need to accomplish. My ‘tentative’ project is to use a generalized program for data archiving, created by a previous intern, to archive mid-infrared data from the COMICS instrument, located […]

The 1st Day of the Rest of my Life.

Project: study and calibration of mid-infrared imaging on Saturn and Jupiter

Today I had my first day interning at the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory. My expected experience on the first day was abstract; I did not know the dress code, I was unaware of my professional expectations, and I was nervous about making a good […]