What Do You Mean It’s 9 Degrees Outside?!

As a scientist, I am aware that when you write that something is 9 degrees, one should specify in what units that temperature is in. However, when it’s 9 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re from California, where the temperature doesn’t drop below 50 degrees in the dead of winter, the 9 degrees might have well been […]

I’m done…..Bye!

As today is my official last day of my internship, I figure it is the perfect time to sum up my time here in Arizona. This has been one of the most fun, eventful, and fulfilling summers of my life. I have enjoyed my time here so very much, so much in fact, that it […]

“Anoush, there is a lizard in the bathroom….”

The weeks here seem to fly by! Only one week left until we are all California bound!

Dr. Bieging took us to the library to look at old books…. and it was way more fun that I ever thought looking at old books could be! Most likely because among those old books were The Principia, […]

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening….

I have officially started my own research! Well, that started a few weeks ago, but research keeps me so very occupied, along with my lovely friends that have traveled the great distance from California to visit me last week!

The LBT!!!

The first day I was supposed to report for duty was a field […]

When In Doubt: Aliens

Camps are officially done! I enjoyed being up on Kitt Peak- the cooler weather, seeing so many stars, getting to know the campers, and learning more about astronomy. I do have to say that the sleep deprivation was getting to me, staying up late every night to observe and then waking up 6 or 7 […]

No One Can Hear You Scream In Space

The past week and a half in Tucson has flown by so quickly! The beginning astronomy camp was so amazing and fun. The campers were so energetic and excited to learn about the stars, constellations and the planets. Other than being able to view Saturn and five of its moons through a 90″ telescope, the […]