It’s already over?

I can’t believe that it is already the last week of this program. I have had an amazing experience here at UA. Being able to do research for my mentor, Nathan Smith, has been really fulfilling. My research project dealt with doing photometry on SN2010jp. SN2010jp is a type IIn supernova. For this type of […]

Week 6 Complete

Every week here in Arizona is awesome. We got to go on a tour of the Mirror Lab here on the UA campus. The Mirror Lab building is actually built into the University’s enormous NFL-size football stadium. That being said, don’t think that this is some dinky little lab. This place supplies some of the […]

More Trips to Observatories

Well being here in Arizona and participating in this program has been amazing. I have had multiple field trips already and they have all been amazing. Last time I posted about my trip to the the Kitt Peak Observatories. Since then, I got another chance to visit a UA related observatory. This time I went […]

First Three Weeks of CAMPARE

Having this opportunity to be a part of a research project at the University of Arizona is amazing. The only thing that concerned me about coming to Tuscon this summer was the heat. I knew that most days it would be well over 100 degrees and, being someone who lives on campus at Cal Poly, […]